Whenever you feel bored, Take a Break!

Many times in life you don’t know where you should be. Whether it is regarding your job or your studies, or even relationships. There’s a mist of hopelessness around you which makes it hard for you to figure out where you want to be or what you want to do. This is normal, every human being once in their lifetime goes through this stage of hopelessness, but some make it through while some let it consume them.


When you feel hopeless about your studies, you can’t figure out what your aim is, you are not interested in the subjects you have. When learning becomes a difficult job rather than intriguing you. When you don’t know which field should you choose, what should be you thriving for. This is when you are going through this stage.



most of us have gone with the flow and chosen jobs that bore us. Every monday we wait for friday, every morning we wait to get home, we go to work for the sake of earning but we really have no interest in it and because of this lack of interest, it wears us out not just physically but mentally too. Resulting in us tired all the time.


When it comes to relationships, many people get into it because of loneliness, or because they want to dependent on someone else to comfort them. Such relationships are based on codependency, demands and expectations, they lack understandings between each other, there is no mental or spiritual connection. When the person does not come down to our expectations or does not fulfill our demands, the spark in relationship ends. Two people might be close physically but they are miles away mentally, this gives rise to fights, and more expectations and demands that just wears your mind out. It makes the relationship feel less like love and more like a tough task to solve. And solving a tough task exhausts a person more mentally.


This stage in life is

filled with hopelessness, melancholy, depression, lack of motivation and mental strength, exhaustion, mood swings are common, you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. In severe cases, many people take their lives or start to harm themselves.


But this has to be stopped, at least minimized as far as we can. Let’s further discuss on what measures should be taken.


If you feel like you are stuck in this phase of life, then the first thing you should be doing is to take a break. Take a break from everything that is tiring you whether its studies, job or a relationship. If it feel like work and not your solace then take a break.


When you take a break

from something particular, you don’t need to start another. Instead, you need to relax, you need to calm your mind and focus on yourself only. There will be people blaming you for thinking of yourself but don’t let them get you down because if your mental and physical health is at risk, you need to think of yourself. You cannot be dependent on anyone else to recover you from this, the only and best person who is you yourself. So think about yourself, focus on your likes and dislikes. Your moods, what makes you happy and what does not.


If you feel like and if you possibly can, move to a place where you are not reminded of the things that will hold you back down. You need to let fresh air into your lungs to breathe to re-live again. To feel happy and content again.


When you take a break

regarding your academics, you need to relax your mind and focus on your goals. If you have are not aware of what your wants are, you first need to figure them out. Do not want something based on what others want or want for you, or what the society thinks is best. Listen to your heart, follow your intuition regarding what you feel like studying. Make a list of all the subjects you have interest in, and I mean interest not high grades. At times, you don’t score much in a subject but you have interest in learning it.

So go for your most interested subjects. Then think over one subject at a time when you are relaxed, think of how it will affect you, what are the pros and cons of it for you (not others, but you!). Think of yourself ten years from now how that subject is going to be for you. When you have gone through the list and thought over what excites you more and intrigues you more, go for that field. If your gut feeling tells you this is the one, then it is the one. Its okay if you take a year or two off to figure out, just do not let anyone get you down because people will give you their unnecessary opinions, but you don’t have to let yourself be affected by them. You have to be headstrong and keep your motivation intact to do what intrigues you, you surely will succeed in that field.


If it’s regarding your job, same is the case, you have to focus on your interests. Your job should not feel like work that tires you mentally but excites you to do it. Your job should not be making you unhappy early in the morning when you wake up for work. Take a break and apply wherever you feel like you want to work, even if it feels like it’s impossible to get a job there, still do. At first, you might not get your desired salary or your desired post, but it’s alright slow and steady wins the race. One pace at a time, and you will gradually start to enjoy your work and workplace. Don’t waste your entire youth doing something you don’t love.



if your relationship is tiring you, making you unhappy. Ask yourself if you really love the person and truly love not just a few aspects. If you do, work it out between each other. If you don’t and the only reason you are together is because you are dependent on them then you need to take a break. While you take a break, focus on your growth. By growth I mean, mental growth. You need to learn more about love, and how unconditional it is. Reserve yourself till you are evolving and growing, do not fall into another relationship for time being. Let yourself grow, let your soul explore all the forms of love from romantic to platonic but most importantly let your soul be independent. You should not burden your partner with insecurities and vulnerabilities. You need to understand them and listen to them but not let other be affected by your insecurities. This break will help you grow into better and bigger person. Be kind and humble to everyone, and it will motivate you to relive again. It will motivate you to love love again, it will motivate you to do better for yourself and others too.


In the end, I would conclude it by telling you that you matter. Your likes, dislikes, wants and wishes, your desires, they all matter. If you feel like you need to take a break to grow, then by all means take it and do not let anyone affect you by their opinions. Follow your heart, your inner voice and everything will fall right into place.