There’s a saying that goes by, “life is a do-it-yourself project.” In simple explanation, it means your life is your project that you yourself have to invest in, whether you put more or less effort in building it, it’s yours and in the end of the day you have to live in it.

You must have come across sayings like you are the architect of your life, you build your foundation and choose your own bricks, or you are the carpenter of your life, choose your wood wisely when building your house.

These sayings are not at all wrong, whether you are the architect or the carpenter of your life, you are the owner of your life, you get to choose what to add and subtract from your life, how to make it comfortable and successful, you know that about your life more than anyone else. What does the owner of a house do? He picks the best material, best interior and exterior for the house, since it is his house he is the owner to choose and decide the best for it.


Similar is the case with our lives, we own our lives, we are the captain of the ship, we may ride through a storm or out in open breeze, it all depends on us. We often forget to add more to our lives, and settle with less or simply add less to it, then when the times comes to live in the life we added to, we are shocked to see what we have done. That is when we wish if only we can go back in time and add the best, strive for the best for our lives because we have to live in it. While adding less to it, we forget that it’s our life and that we have to live in it for the rest of our living days, when it’s already done we realize this fact and then we regret why did we not think of it before. But regrets cannot bring us back that time, nor can it change what had already happened. That is why it is recommended and advised to choose the best for your house (life) because you are the one that is going to be living in it, build it wisely!

Here is the Story Begins

Let’s take a view over a story which will make you realize before it’s too late to do anything for life then.

Once upon a time, there was an elderly carpenter who lived all his life working as a carpenter building houses. He decided to take retirement from the house building business and live his remaining few years with his wife, children and grandchildren in peace. He told his employer to that he wanted to leave the house building business. The employer was saddened by the fact that one of his best employees is going to quit but he had to respect his decision as well since he was an elderly man.


The employer agreed on his resignation but asked him to do one last favor. The favor was to build one last house before leaving since he was the best carpenter in building houses. The elderly carpenter agreed to do so, and started off to build the house.


Since it was the last house he was building, he didn’t put much effort into it. He didn’t choose the best quality of cement, he didn’t pick the best quality of wood for the doors and windows. He did not care to pick a place for a swimming pool. The furniture was not as good in quality. The carpenter worked half-heartedly over his last project. He did not put his best to it like he used to before since he had made his mind on retiring right after it.


When the house was completed, the employer called the carpenter to his office and gifted him with the key of the house he just made as a token of serving him for years and doing his best. The employer asked for this personal favor to surprise the carpenter with a retirement gift.


The carpenter was shocked, less because of the gift and more because how he used less quality material in the house, if only he knew he was building his own house he would have chosen the best of best materials for it. He wished if he could only go back in time and undo all that he used and instead given it his best effort.


He regretted the fact that he took the last shot for granted and got himself rid of the favor, little did the poor carpenter know that he was in fact building his own house.


The Moral of the story is that we build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into the house that we are going to live in. And when we realize we have to live in it, we are shocked to as what we have done. We could have given it our best but we took it for granted. We say to ourselves, if only we could back in time we would have done it differently, but can we go back in time? Time does not wait for anyone, not can it come back. So choose wise what you add to your life, always strive for the best because you are the one to be living in what you build.


You are the carpenter, and every day you hammer a nail, you place a board, or erect a wall.


What you choose today, what attitude you invest in your life today will help you build your house tomorrow, if you want to live in a house you desire, start investing your best in it from today. It is your life, you have to live in it, pick the best for your house so you feel homely and happy when you walk in and not unhappy with what you have done. It’s about time you build wisely.