Procrastination these days has taken over the entire world, it is one of those most relaxing and most enjoying habits that slowly take you up and ends up ruining you for good, when you look back and finally think about what you have been doing, you realize you are doomed.

Most of the youth these days suffer from an undying desire of procrastination and the reason is just simple, we all love to RELAX! however, relaxation can be quite buital when it reaches a period of time where it is not healthy anymore, it is therefore always advised to do things but doing them for a certain period of time is what it takes. Excess of everything is bad therefore we must always find the right amount of time which should be given to a specific task, the same way as you do not put alot of sugar in tea, because you know it will he too sweet to drink, same is the case with your actions and habits, you just can’t let them be in excess because they will turn out to be a disaster.

Procrastinating, just as difficult as it sounds, is really easy to avoid, all it takes is the power of one’s mind and abilities, let me tell you how your mind’s are supercomputers in your control and what you tell them is what they eventually start doing, its like you train them to be better and listen, and they will do better and start to do exactly what you feed them. All the successful personalities in the world did not just come into being like that, they too had to go through steps of convincing themselves and start growing slowly and gradually till the hit the highest level. Again, everything, even procrastinating is in your control, you just have to take the lead on your body and brain and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


Since it won’t be that easy in the start (startings are always the worst because taking the initial step is quite hard) you will need a lot of help and convincing till you form it into a habit, we at hawksaw are here to help you a little and give you quality advices and steps on how to stop the dull and unhealthy habit of procrastinating.


Let’s get going.


Make Up Your Mind:

In order to stop with the habit of procrastinating, you really have to pull you legs and make up your mind that you want to stop it, you need to stop doing it because it will end up ruining things for you badly in the future, you will then face difficulties. In short, you have to make yourself realize about what you are doing and that it needs to be stopped as soon as possible if you do not want things to end up badly. Making up you mind is the first step to stop with the habit of procrastinating.



Since you have already told your brain to stop with its laziness and made up your mind to stop with procrastinating, the next thing in line now is the step where you get up and do something about it, that is to take the required action of stopping the habit. Figure out everything that you can do to change this habit and get to it.


Block The Distractions In Your Way:

Blocking all the directions in the way of procrastination is another thing which one must start doing in order to avoid procrastinating. You have to get rid of the countless things and the comforting or distracting things in your work area which lead you to procrastinate in the very first place.

Simply get rid of them by clearing up your workspace of all the distractions.


Make Sure You Are Working On Something That You Want:

One of the many things that contribute to habit of procrastination is the fact that you do something that you do not actually want to do or focus on, simply because it is not in your interest or you just do not like or understand it. To overcome such situations, you have to push a little extra.

You need to make sure that you really and badly want what you are doing because procrastinating becomes easy where passion is lost.



Time management is an important factor to overcome the habit of procrastinating. You should know that when you manage your time, you are causing a lot of problems to get out of your way and avoiding a lot of undesirable scenarios. Its okay to do things, but only at a certain level of time since excess of everything is bad. Time management will take you out of depression and procrastination for good.


Self Warning Is the Key to Stop Procrastinating:

To tell yourself how important a certain task is making yourself aware and alert of the severity of the situation thus causing your brain to act right and not do the unnecessary things.



Exercise promotes a good mental as well as physical health, it causes you to become active and alert and awakens your system abd mind thus causing you to act more alert and present in a situation, focus levels are also increased and the desire to procrastinate is slowly seen diminishing since you start to get healthy.


Eat Healthy:

A recent study found that no eating the right meals and at their proper times can lead not only to procrastinating but also to many other factors like weakness and a lazy brain. You do not want that if you want to be an active person. Certain junk foods also promote laziness and their excess should be avoided.


Know Who You Are:

To know who you are and to accept who you are, the way you are is another leading step towards a better life and avoiding distractions which is the most probable path of procrastination. Acceptance in yourself, your physical form and yourself and being content and confident about is what will allow you to move forward, act confident in people and stop procrastinating.


Don’t be So Hard On Yourself:

Do not be so hard on yourself. At the end of the day you are a human who can make mistakes and that is okay, we all make mistakes and lose ourselves once in awhile just to find ourselves back again. Humans are prone to make mistakes so do not blame yourself more than it is needed and remember that it’s never too late to change things for the greater good.