Every year, the UK Government allows many students to pursue an academic education without wasting a penny through a lot of awards/grants and scholarships in UK. Many students are looking for scholarship programs to help them with their studies.

The following is the list of Scholarships in UK

University of London Scholarships for Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD

This is great news for beginners looking for financial support. The University of London offers excellent scholarship programs for international students studying in the UK. It aims to integrate education, research, and innovation for students in the interests of humanity in the long term. The following are the scholarships offered at the University of London.

Every National can apply for these scholarships.

1. Váradi scholarships
2. BMus Performance Scholarship
3. Postgraduate Laws LLM University of London Scholaships
4. MBA Scholarships at the University of London, UK

University of Leeds Scholarships for UK, EU & International Students – Undergraduate/Graduate

The University of Leeds Scholarships in UK are jointly funded by the University of Leeds, Charitable trusts and the Ministry of education and foreign affairs. These fully funded scholarships are offered for Students of all Nationals to pursue an Undergrad or a Graduate degree at the University.

Some of the top funded programs are listed here:

1. Collection of Small Endowed Awards
2. Open Society Foundations Scholarships
3. University of Leeds – GREAT Scholarships


Swansea University Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate – For UK/EU and International Students

Swansea University offered a number of undergraduate and postgraduate studies (scholarships), International excellence awards and bursaries to help you fund your studies.

The students of UK/EU and International Students from all over the World can apply for the scholarships in UK, Swansea University.

Some of the top scholarships are listed below:

1. MBA Centenary Scholarship
2. College of Science: MSC Scholarships
3. Developing Futures Scholarships
4. Excellence Scholarships
5. Income Related Bursary for Undergraduate Study
6. Eira Francis Davies Scholarship


University of Sheffield GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

The University of Sheffield is a leading university distinguished for excellence in research and teaching. It is internationally well-known for its study environment, which is assorted and vibrant. It has been consistently relegated to delivering high-quality teaching, learning and facilities for its students.

The scholarship is a competitive award, worth 50% of your tuition fee. The scholarship is available for new students joining the University in 2020 from a GEMS institution in the United Arab Emirates.

For More details and apply for the scholarship, click here.

Full Fees International Development Scholarships for Students from all over the World at UK

The Government of the UK offered International Development Scholarships and Grants for International Students. The students from all over the world can apply for a fully-funded scholarship at UEA UK. The student can apply to enroll in any Undergraduate or Master’s degree course offered by the School of International Students.

The School is famous throughout the world for teaching, research, and consultancy. We are committed to making a difference and frequently advise on the policy concerning major global challenges such as poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

More details about the IDS Scholarship

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships And Leadership Program

The Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarships and Leadership Program, outstanding graduates from changing and growing economies are supported in their search for further education at Oxford University. It is managed by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust.

Calling for: 

Students from change and developing economies all through Africa, Asia, and South America

Host Country: United Kingdom

Host University: University of Oxford

Host Institution: College of Oxford, United Kingdom

Level of the Study: Masters Degree