The Government of China announced fully funded Scholarships in China for International students to pursue their Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., or Post-doctorate degree at China’s top Universities. The Scholarships are with the colaboration of CGS (Chinese Government Scholarships), CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council), and the Ministry of Education to offere various types of scholarships for International students.

Looking forward to studying in the country of your choice can be quite a hurdle especially when you need to decide among the universities in that country. The top 10 list of universities in a country not only give you an idea about the type of university you need but also gives you knowledge about various things to look for in a university.

The List of Top 10 Universities in China

Below are the List of Scholarships 

1. Anhui Agriculture University CSC Scholarship – Fully funded grants for Bachelor, Master’s & PhD
2. Tianjin Government Scholarships – Undergraduates Scholarships 2020-21 at Nankai University
3. Fully funded Scholarships for Master’s & PhD at SouthEast University
4. Nanjing University CSC Scholarship – Fully funded grants for Bachelor, Master’s & PhD
5. Wuhan University CSC Scholarship | Fully funded Scholarships for Master’s & PhD
6. Fully funded Chongqing University CSC Scholarship for Master’s & PhD 2020-21
7. Chinese Government CSC Scholarship at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Hust)
8. Yunnan Normal University CSC Scholarship | Chinese Government Scholarships for Master’s and PhD Students
9. Chinese Government Scholarships at Harbin Engineering University | CSC Scholarships
10. Peking University Scholarship 2021 – Fully Funded Scholarships

11. President Scholarship for International Students at Huazhong Agriculture University

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More Suggested Scholarships

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