Life is full of opportunities. Sometimes, you get at your doorstep, sometimes you have to see beneath the rumble. So at times somewhere in our lives, we get opportunities that are not expressed openly but hidden between the lines. We tend to miss them because we don’t notice them. We always try to find an easy way out but won’t try to struggle a little more to get our hands on those hidden opportunities.   The undercover opportunities are often hidden by obstacles, we choose the road where there are no obstacles eve if it doesn’t make us happy. Little do we know, if we tackle the obstacle and find a way to move them, we might be given an opportunity that is not available on the smooth road, but it’s in human instincts that we choose to go for the easy tasks. We, humans don’t tire ourselves for something better, something bigger. So we choose a shortcut, an easy way out but we should not forget what comes easy, goes easy. That is why you are always told by wise people to avail as much opportunities as you can.

Before I tell you an inspirational and motivational story, let me revive your motivation by a pre-story

In childhood, we were read a story in kindergarten, called “the obstacle in the path”. The story starts off by a King in ancient times who plans to put a boulder in the middle of the road. After placing the boulder there, he hides and sees from a distance if anyone would dare to move the boulder. Many wealthy people like King’s courtiers and merchants passed by the road, and did not even touch the boulder. Instead, they moved past it. Most of these people blamed the King for not having a responsible authority to move such obstacles from the way while none of them tried to move it at all. They complained about the King not clearing the roads but did not try to move the boulder themselves.   After much time, a peasant happened to pass that road. The peasant had a load of vegetables, but he put them down and tries to push the boulder, to move it aside from the road. He tried to move it to clear the path. He pushed and strained, and finally succeeded when he moved it out of the roadway.   The peasant proceeds to walk after moving the boulder, as he picks his load of vegetables he notices a purse lying in the spot where the boulder was. He picks it up; it has many gold coins and a letter from the King saying that this purse belongs to the one who moved the boulder away from the pathway.

Now you see

many people passed that road but did not dare to remove the boulder; they chose the easy way out and complained instead. If they had moved the boulder, they’d have gotten the reward but they were too lazy to do something for their own benefit, thus missing the opportunity that laid beneath the boulder. The peasant struggled a little for the sake of everyone’s easement and was rewarded for that.   The peasant availed the opportunity that apparently looked like hard work but from underneath hard work, there was something fruitful. This is why you should try to avail all the expressed and hidden opportunities, most of the times they come in the form of obstacles in our path just like the boulder but we have to figure it out to move them not move past them to avail the reward hidden under it.

Now that your motivation

to move obstacles from your path has revived, I’ll tell you about a man who lost everything from family except his five year old son to his house, to all his money. He was literally an example of a man on the street. He applied for job but found no luck, out of all the jobs he applied for there was one firm which was willing hire him as a trainer and not pay him for one whole year. He was supposed to be on probation for a year to paid as a normal employee. The job had no salary but it was tougher than any job at all, he would work from 8am in the morning to 6pm in the evening without taking a break. This was an obstacle that was in his journey. He had nothing at all, no house, family, no food. He couldn’t provide a shelter for his son so he would sleep in public places and with the little money he earned by other small errands, he would buy his son food. And then head to job to work twice as hard as anyone without being paid a penny. Now most of us would move past such an obstacle but he didn’t, he chose to tackle it and find the hidden opportunity behind it.   After the completion of his one year training, he got hired as normal employee with salary, shortly after he had been hired, the CEO of the firm was removed because of some charges on him. The post was vacant. The senior partners of the firm mutually decided to appoint this young man as the CEO of the firm. He went from nothing to something great all because he chose to tackle the obstacle down and avail the hidden opportunity behind it.


While others be lazy and ungrateful for whatever comes their way, be the one to face it with courage and motivation to push the obstacle aside and clear your path.   We get a chance to improve our circumstances by every obstacle we come across in life; it gives us an opportunity to be rewarded with something better and bigger. You have to avail them through kindness, generosity and your willingness to do things.   We get many opportunities to do something great, on the face of them they will appear as obstacles in our life but if we work a little for it, it becomes fruitful for us. Just like in the video games we play, all the hidden treasures are protected by a monster in the path, you have to tackle it down to get to the treasure. Or you can choose another path having no monster but no treasure at all.   So look deep into your hurdles/obstacles in life before choosing the easy way out. Life has all best things hidden for us under such obstacles, all we have to do is put an effort to move them.