Never Lose Hope

How often have you felt to the ground and thought about quitting it all? When you have hit rock bottom and it feels like the end of the world? Or when the walls are caving in, and all you can hear is despair so loud, you start to hate yourself? I know almost all of us have experienced this feeling because it’s normal – it’s called life! But what’s not normal is how some people choose to treat this feeling. The constant reminder of quitting makes them hope less in life and for themselves, and so they quit. Why is quitting so easy? It surely doesn’t make us happy nor it satisfies our desires but compromises our dreams by giving them up. So why quit when you can be headstrong and keep moving on? It is hard, no doubt but it will give you happiness which is the purpose of your life.


Let me share a story of passionate girl

who fell prey to such discouraging thoughts but got up, dusted herself off and went on to achieve greatness.


A girl named Fatimah, who had just graduated from F.Sc, struggling hard like all the fresh F.Sc grads for the medical entrance test. She worked day and night to achieve her goal, but unfortunately she could not clear it in the first attempt.

This left her heartbroken, and hope less because she strived for it and ending up not clearing the entrance test. While Fatimah was going through an emotional distress, her family and friends were pressurizing her to just give up the dream and go for another field.


Under the societal pressure, Fatimah felt like she had no choice but to blindly accept what her family and friends tell her. She personally wanted to take year off and work even more harder to apply for the entrance test the next year and ace it. Alas, her family and friends viewed a gap year as nothing but waste of time. So they kept telling her things to demotivate the idea of her taking a gap year. This was when Fatimah felt like the walls were caving in and quitting on her dream was the only way because people said so, she fell prey to it. And accepted what they told her to do.


Fatimah choOse another field

because of her family and friends persistence. She joined college to have Bachelors in Economics, but in the back of her mind, she still had her dream. So she decided to give the entrance test the second time while studying Economics on the other hand.


She had a hard time coping up with two entirely different studies but she had to. One was making others happy, the other was making her happy. But have you not heard the saying, “You can’t ride two boats at the same.” Same was the case with Fatimah, she had two different majors on her plate, it was hard to cope up with both but she would give it as much as she could.


The next entrance test came,

Fatimah applied for it and went to give it her best shot but she feared in her heart that it wasn’t her utmost best since she had engagements regarding the other field. When the results rolled in, Fatimah had not cleared it the second time either.


This time, she was completely broke. She locked herself in her room and cried till her eyes ran dry. She felt hope less, useless, worthless – what we all do when in despair.

She was severely depressed, she did not eat, meet people, or sleep properly. Not only her room, but she too was a mess. All she could think was how useless she feels like.


One day,

she thought to her clean her messy room. While arranging her books, she came across her childhood’s bedtime story book. She randomly was going through it, when unexpectedly and  unintentionally she stumbled upon the story of “King Bruce and the Spider”.

We all have grown up hearing about how King Robert Bruce of Scotland was hiding hope less in a cave because of the fear if losing the battle, when he sights a spider who tries to crawl to the top but fails six times. Despite failing six times and falling to the ground, he still gets ups and tries. And finally reaches his destination after all the struggle and tries. This motivates King Bruce to pick up his sword and fight back in the battle. He starts to believe in trying till you reach your goal.


Fatimah happened to come across the most relatable childhood story at the right time. Upon reading it, it brings tears to her eyes and she starts to believe in herself again.

She gets up, dusts herself off, and makes up her mind to take another gap year, and this time not listening to other people but her own intuition. She sets her goal to give her studies all of her this time in order to clear the entrance test to achieve her goal.


The story motivated Fatimah,

like it does all of us, she was full of hope and positivity again. She believed if she give her wants her utmost best, she will definitely get it. So she did. She worked hard, gave all her abilities. She gave it her blood, sweat and tears because this time she made sure it is 100%!


When the registration for the entrance test started, Fatimah applied for the third time.

She attempted it giving her best. She waited fingers crossed for her result, when the result announced, Fatimah had aced it!


She thank God she found herself and fought back despair to chase her dream and make it come true.



We often lose ourselves to discouragement and despair, leaving ourselves depressed for long, thinking to adopt the easy way out and quit. But we forget if we try, and keep on trying with all our best, we will achieve our goals.

So be the one that tries and be content rather than the one who quits and regrets not trying later in life. Believe in yourself and never lose hope even in your weakest moments.