Never Give Up!

What is stressing you out lately? Monthly tests? Mid term examination? Finals? Or just another pop quiz? I know student life is tough and too hard to process at times. Dealing with never ending assignments, bundle of homework, presentations, regularity, keeping up with shortage of attendance, you name it! It truly takes a great amount of effort to deal with these all. Oftentimes, many students stress too much and end up giving it all up for nothing at all.

This stress de-motivates them, resulting in them lagging behind in studies and grades. One after another, they keep coming down and when it is too out of control, they give up.


Well today,

I’ll share a short story with you about girl who lost the most basic aspect of living but still motivated herself to achieve more and not stop going further.

Young people often get distracted by unnecessary stress and lose interest in studies, in return. This in turn results in them dropping out with frustration in their hearts, which leaves them in emotional distress. This emotional distress is not healthy for such a young mind. They lose the ability to think straight, to solve problems, to allow positivity.


Anyways, here’s the story

There was a happy young 7th grader girl who was full of life, happiness and positivity. Her name is Rachel. She gave love and spread positivity all around her. Any person, whether elder or younger would be happy around her. Besides being a brilliant human being, she was a brilliant student too. Always an A+ achiever.


She dreamed of becoming a lawyer, so she worked hard to score good in order to fulfill all the requirements for the merit of a law school. Because of her hard work, she would often be nominated for scholarships, in which she got many scholarships.


Rachel being the optimist, always gave hope to people who were in need of, at a very young age. She had a healthy life both physically and mentally, till one unfortunate winter evening. It had rained like cats and dogs, everything was soaked. Rachel’s cat escaped the front door of the house and went outside in this chilly weather. She went after him to bring him back inside. He hid near a utility pole. Since it had rained, and everything was wet, the pole was charged and dangerous to touch. Rachel, leaned down to get her cat, she held the pole for support not knowing it was charged. The pole electrocuted her bad that she was barely saved seconds before her death. The electrocution resulted in burning both her arms. Unfortunately, both her arms had to be cut off surgically.


This incident

was very shocking for people but not as much as it was for Rachel herself. Being such a brilliant student with a headstrong dream that she works hard to achieve had to face such a terrible incident.


Rachel at first could not believe what was happening to her. Her body in transition, so was her mind. It was too much process all once. People get depressed about losing a finger, imagine losing both your arms. What would it be like? That’s what Rachel was trying to digest. It wasn’t easy at, every day you wake up with no arms, it seems hellish.


Rachel, slowly and gradually was accepting the fact that she lost her arms and was completely dependent on others for basic necessities that required the use of her arms. It would upset her that she could not perform her own duties herself. How would you feel if (God forbid) you wake up with no arms? Even the thought scares you, so just imagine what would Rachel be going through.


Many people, whether young or old, would lose hope and the ability to thrive for life. They get depressed and often end up committing a suicide because they cannot bear the agony of not being able to do their work themselves. But that was not the case with Rachel. Despite losing both her arms at such a young age, Rachel kept going on.


Rachel lost her arms but…

her motivation was strong enough to make her climb the mountains without complaining. She had a dream, she did not want to give it up. She didn’t let the slightest hopelessness bring her down and make her lose her motivation.


After recovery, Rachel practiced day and night to do most of her work by her feet. She emphasized mostly on writing since she had no arms to do that with. She tried and tried, after many attempts and failures, she finally could write by her feet. This was unbelievable yet remarkable!


She continued her school, aced her examination and got a scholarship for law school all by using her feet to attempt the papers.


She had a dream that she was passionate about. She was a hopeful and optimistic person who had a terrible accident, which normally would emotionally distress a person for life but Rachel did not let it affect her and her dreams. She accepted it as it was fated to be but also that it did not mean she gives up her dream and lag behind. She practiced using her feet for her dream. To achieve what she dreamt of, she worked hard, and way harder than any normal person.


Her motivation, optimism and positivity let her pave her way and climb the mountains without having arms. Her hard work paid off and all because she never give up. Giving up was not in her dictionary.



Never give up on your dreams no matter what happens. Any slightest or a grave mishap should not hold back your motivation or your courage to achieve what you dream for you. Many times in life, you will be knocked down but you have to believe in yourself and hold strong and steady to make your dreams come true. Because if you will, you can. It all depends on how you process things, so let positivity in to process whatever comes your way with optimism, you will surely reach your destination then.

Believe in yourself and never give up.