Want to Make a Positive Change in your Life? Don’t get stuck

Progress is impossible without positive change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw.

Change is never modest. Your psyche can be the cause of all your own problems. Regardless of whether it’s a New Year’s determination, a positive change of way of life, a change at work or anything that is distinctive to what you’re utilized to, your psyche will attempt to battle you. It’s an interior skirmish of considerations. We as a whole experience a similar procedure, however, a few people discover winningly the fight harder than others.

Shouldn’t something be said about you? Do you wind up withdrawing once again into your typical range of familiarity whenever there’s any hint of change? In the event that you do, at that point building up a familiarity with the manner of thinking that happens when change is considered will encourage you. It will set you up for the ‘mind fight’ next time you think about rolling out a positive improvement in your life.

There are four phases to the procedure. When you recognize them, you’ll observe how your mind responds to the idea of change; you’ll at that point be in a more grounded position to act positively when change bodes well for you.

Stage 1 – Denial

Nobody likes change. We know where we stand if we carry on as normal. We prefer the “norm”. We feel more secure keeping the status because we don’t have to worry about any unknowns. We fear that change means trying something new, something that might not work out, and something that might even fail. In short, when change is considered, our first thought is to deny the need for it.

Stage 2 – Resistance

A subtle change in your approach begins to show. You will start to think and say things like “when does it need to be done by?” What happens is that you move from denial to resistance. In your mind, you will passively accept that making the change is worth considering. You will have moved on from complete denial.

Stage 3 – Exploration

Moving to the resistance stage makes it possible to accept that exploring the options is worthwhile. You will notice your mindset changing from a negative mode to a more upbeat positive mode. You start to realize and accept that making the change may well make a lot of sense. You have completed stage 3 of the Change transition process.

Stage 4 – Commitment

This new positive approach shows in the form of commitment. This mental process you go through is true for any type of change you consider. The human mind is always cautious when the concept of change is introduced. If you are aware of the way your mind approaches change, you will be in a stronger position to fight it if it tries to stop you moving forward.

It is true to say that some people embrace change more readily than others but it’s also true to say that everyone goes through this change transition process. Sometimes you just need to reflect on what stage you are at if you feel you’re losing momentum. This alone can be the key to keeping moving and arriving at commitment.

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