The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, MEXT scholarship to international students who yearn to study at Japanese universities as a student under the Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship Program 2020-21

Young Leaders’ Program

The aim of the Young Leader’s Program is the contribution to promote future national leaders in Asia and other countries to develop the friendly relationships among these countries and for the improvement of the policy planning activities to form a network among the national leaders through extending their understanding of Japan. The YLP is one of the Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship Programs.

Eligible Countries and Participants

Participants are selected from the countries listed below. They should be young public administrators, entrepreneurs, business managers, public officials, legal professionals, or government officials who are expected to play active roles in the future as national leaders in their home countries.

Eligible Countries:

Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, P. R. China, Romania, Rep. of Korea, Rep. of South Africa, Singapore, Slovakia, Srilanka, Turkey, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam (31 Countries).

Host Institution(s)/Universities

Kyushu University, Graduate School of Law

Hitotsubashi University Business School, School of International Corporate Strategy (Hitotsubashi ICS)

Department of Healthcare Administration, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

The number of Students/Seats:

Approximately 70 students

Benefits of MEXT Scholarship YLP Program

  • Education Fee: the tuition and examination fee will be paid by MEXT.
  • Accommodation will be provided at the university dormitory.
  • A monthly allowance of 242,000 Yen per month will be given to the awardee.
  • Traveling cost: Transportation to and from Japan.


Varies country to country

MEXT Scholarship Program for Enhancing Employment of International Students

The Program will support universities to create learning environments for international students to acquire necessary skills (such as “business Japanese”, “Career education and business culture in Japan”, and “Mid- & Long-term internships”) for being employed in Japan.

Selected Universities for the Internship/Employment Program

Hokkaido University

Tohoku University

Yamagata University

Gunma University

Toyo University

Yokohama National University

Kanazawa University

Shizuoka University

Nagoya University

Kansai University

Ehime University

Kumamoto University

Suggested Scholarships