Positivity: What will Help You to Stay Positive in Different Situations

The power of positive thinking is just that, powerful. Positivity can define our overall personality or can be a skill set we employ against challenges and emotions that surface. Why can’t we all just be positive all the time then? The truth is, most of the time, we can! It does take thoughtfulness and persistence to get to that level of Zen. The post will teach you some strategies on how to increase your positivity.

There are so many variables that can play a factor in positivity levels on a daily basis. A friend of mine shared the following gem with me just a few days ago. He stated, “You can’t control the feelings that surface, however you can manage how you oversee them.” This is an exceptionally regular conviction framework in present-day brain research today. Emotions are internal signals that let us know how we feel at a particular moment. Through time and some practice, we can train our beautiful brain to listen, process and then react to each stimulus.

REMEMBER: Anger and negativity are rarely the right answer for growth.

Here are couple of ideas to help you increase your own dose of Positivity:

Assume the best:  

If you are always worried that something is going to go wrong, that will be your default state of mind.  Use positive affirmations and thoughtfulness to set you up for success.

Visualize your success: 

If you keep believing that you can get that degree, complete a tough physical challenge and beat your negativity into a pulp, you will.


A journal is an absolutely incredible way to help you surface positive thoughts and affirmations. Through repetition, this exercise will allow you to focus on what is good instead of dwelling on what is not. I have found The Five Minute Journal to be an incredible resource for this exercise. I use it daily to organize thoughts even though i am on the “Super” positive side of the scale.

Stop watching the news: 

It is filled with negativity and the search for your attention through any means possible. People are generally drawn to drama and the news outlets are after ratings.

Don’t forget that.Find an outlet that delivers the news you want and grade it for yourself. It is your time and your life.  Fill it with things that motivate or educate you without bringing you down.

Don’t be a victim: 

Don’t hold pity parties for yourself. Ownership is what positivity is all about. If you get upset or angry for everything, own it and choose to work on it. Self-awareness will go a long way in helping you create systems for you to succeed.

Go outside:

 Due to work and family commitments, we sometimes get caught in a world of artificial light and noise. Get outside for a walk in nature.Even if you live in the city, a walk out in your environment where you can take in sights, sounds, and different smells are good for you. Too busy? Make it a goal for your weekend.

Learn from your mistakes: 

Don’t block out the negative thoughts.You need to learn from them.You will soon realize you can control those reactions. There is an enormous amount of power in that type of thinking. Your “failures” are your lessons. This is called growth.

Change your vocabulary: 

Fill it with words that encourage optimism, positivity and motivation. If you constantly voice your negative thought internally and externally they will become your belief systems.You need to fill that space with positive thoughts and a “Can Do” attitude.

Remember, Practice makes Perfect!

As you can see, there are multitudes of ways to get you from leaning towards negative thoughts and reactions to positive ones. It really is a mind shift hack. If your DNA is not based in happy and positive thoughts, it just means you need to work on it. You are what you believe. If need be, an accountability partner would also pay huge dividends by letting you know when you are veering to track.