Negativities and negative personalities:


Negativities and Negative Personalities are all around us. They tend to live in places most close to us. Negative energies have the dark power to attract us and eventually ruining us, our mental health especially, because of which the physical personality of a human is affected as well. In the end one can not act right or even live right because these negativities. You become a dull person with nothing to do but give in. It is thus important to identify negative personalities because negative personalities are filled with these negative energies thus causing you a lot of trouble. As said, both from the aspects of your brain, your happiness, your thinking, your company and your normal habits and hobbies.


Well life, it is full of surprise and so is the case with the many types of people in it, some will build you while others will make sure they ruin all of you for good. It is therefore very important to keep a good company and do as best as you can to stay away from the bad


Being humans, we want to be respected, loved, being cared for and even being supported. But all that can not just happen out of anywhere, you have to make sure that you are in the right company of people.  


A wise man once said:


it is better to be in the company of no one than to be in the company of bad people


Even though not interacting with people can cause a human to break down their personality, says modern research, it is still better to be alone and away from the torture than to be with mind harming people. The question thus arises:


How do I make sure that someone has a negative personality??


Well, we at hawksaw are here to help you how to identify negative personalities by giving you a few tips which will help you identify these right on point.


Lets get started…


They Will Never Actually Value You:


Negative people have a way of thinking only about themselves or being with you because it is what suits them right. They do not care about you o your emotions, let alone valuing them. They only have you in their lives because they want something to do with you, not because you are nice or they respect your friendship with them or the fact that you actually treat them right. They are selfish and they will only use you as per their requirements. You will be able to see it in their actions.

Another thing that they will do is that they will make you feel like an inferior or downgrade you in their talks, as if you are nothing and there is nothing you can do. As if what you are saying is wrong, even when it is right.


They Will Secretly Envy You:


As much as they put their envy behind their beautifully sweet and sound smiles and make you feel like they are all happy for you deep inside they will be the ones that are genuinely jealous of you and want to be like you, though they will never admit it in person or show it, the secretly will envy you in many different ways.

They will act jealous at times because of the envy inside them without even noticing it, but you will be able to spot it in their body language.


They Would Always Stab You In the Back:


The old tradition of backstabbers are close to the people and are in form of their friends or relatives, backstabbers act when you are at your best level of trust on them, unaware of the damage might cause you. They stab you in the back rather than at your front because they know that can not handle you in person. If you are lucky enough, you will find out, otherwise you will never know. However if you find out, there should he no chance of bringing such people back in your life because they would do it again.


They Want To Change You:


Because negative personalities are themselves not sure about who they are, they always want to tell you what is right and what is wrong, in order to feel in charge and in power. They will always want to change you in a negative way and bring you down rather than lifting you up.


They Lie to You:


Negative personalities have another problem of lying over and over again, no matter how many times you catch them or tell them it is wrong, they will keep hurting you with the lies, going behind your back doing things that you forbade them from and thus keep hurting you. It is therefore the best to stay away from such people because eventually, they will affect your mental peace with theirs as well.


They Have A very Clumsy Lifestyle:


If you observe their lifestyle closely, you will see that these people constantly worry about things, they are also very problematic and they keep complaining so much, as if they will never be satisfied, they are not content with what they have. They also have different eating disorders and they have a negative self esteem. They will never be confident about who they are in front of people.


Pessimism Runs In their Veins:


Being pessimistic about everything in life can actually cause you to miss out all the good that there is, it is therefore advised that you know very well on how to identify negative personalities so that you can stay away from the pessimists because if you keep hanging out with them, their negative thoughts will start to affect you too.


They Are Always Unhappy:


Negative personalities are always unhappy and have that certain type of look on their faces which makes you think if they ever were happy in their lives, they make a good use of arguments and sarcasm and always keep complaining about things in their life.


They Drain Your Energy:


Simply being with negative personalities can cause you to focus on the wrong things in life, talking to them or continuously hanging out with them will make you miss all the good stuff in your life, trust us when we say that.

Being around them, you will feel suffocated and mentally tired.  It is because of their sarcasm, mocking and making you feel like you are nothing, it is also causing you to think like you are nothing will never be thus eventually draining you mentally and physically till you start to think that as well. It will also put you in depression.


You Feel Uncomfortable Around them:


Just being around them gives you that aura, that energy that you should not be there, making you want to get up and never come. Trust your gut and leave. You will thank us later.


We hope that you now know how to identify negative personalities and people. Have you ever had an encounter with a negative person?We’d be glad to hear your feedback in the comments bar below.