Highly Effective Personalities


We all want to be effective and successful in our lives more than anything. To do something which not only pleases us but also benefits the people around us. Humans, by nature want to be something big and heroic. We want achieve so much in life, I mean who does not want to have goals and achieve them, but it is not just about wishing to do something, what matters is whether you do something in the present to fulfil those goals in the future. What matters is how just how badly you want it, and for that reason, you need to have an effective personality.

Goals in life differ from person to person, some want to be professionally stable, other need a good job, some people want to be rich, others just want to be good people.

In the end all that matters is the fact that if you want something, you want it from your heart and not just wish for it, what matters is how badly are you driven by it. Only then can you be an effective personality and lead a successful life, not only by being a good human but also a successful person.


We at hawksaw.com are here to help you on how to become an effective personality. We will teach you the easy and simple 10 habits of highly effective personalities and what they have in common which has helped them to reach that level, just by being good people in the society or by being successful.


They Do Not Procrastinate

Since effectiveness means a better way of doing things, there is no chance that these people procrastinate, procrastination can ruin things badly for people and cause them to eventually get distanced from their goals, highly effective personalities do not even think of procrastinating, they can relax for a while but procrastinating is something they do not have time for.


They Are Very Honest About Their Feelings

If you ever just sit around in the company of these people, you will find them extremely honest about their feelings, they will never lie, nor be sarcastic or even taunt you over things. They will never have that happy masked face in front of you and then go behind your back judging you. They are who they inforny of you and at the back of you. In short, they are not double face.


They Value Their Relationships

When it comes to their overall relationships, be it their friends or family, these people make sure that they keep their relationships real and healthy. They make time for their relationships and put effort into them. Highly effective personalities also treat their loved ones with kindness and compassion.


They Keep a Specific Time For Everything

Just because they find something fun, does not mean they have to keep doing it again and again and forget about the rest of their schedule. The highly effective personalities know just how important it is to keep a track of everything because if they miss one thing, they know their whole routine will fall out of order.


They Think Big

Thinking big and out of the box is something not everyone is blessed with, but to be great you have to let go of the limitations that your mind is putting you through and think big, think out of the box. Because only if you think big will you be able to do big.


Optimism Runs In Their Veins

Being positive about everything even in the most negative situation, when life takes you towards negativity and you still are constantly being positive is the real battle. How do you overcome this battle? You overcome this habit by being positive all the time.

When you are positive about things, good things happen to you, you move forward and notice the positive things, you give room to the good things in your life.


They Are Goal Oriented

Highly effective personalities are goal oriented. They are very serious about their goals. They go by setting short goals for themselves for a certain period of time, to help them achieve their ultimate goal. Its like they divide their entire goal into small pieces and slowly achieve it.

Such people also do not let today’s work be delayed to another tomorrow because they know the consequences they will have to go through on the other day.


They Work Hard to Polish Themselves

When the highly effective people see a certain good habit, they immediately incorporate it in their personalities because they know that it is the good habits that ultimately lead to making you a best person both for yourself and for the society. They also do certain things that make them smart and strong, fit for tackling any situation. A polished individual is much better at doing things and performing tasks that normal people can not.


They Are Always Happy

You will always notice these people happy, they never worry about things or even complain about the things that go wrong in their life. They are holders of great courage and they make sure they hide their problems away with a smile. Whenever you see them, you feel a certain positive aura which encourages you to involve more with them.

These people make sure they not only stay happy but also spread happiness throughout their surroundings. Seeing someone sad, this habit highly effective enables them to approach such people, take away their grief and turn their negative emotions into positive emotions as well.


They Focus On The Solution Than The Problem

One of the habits of highly effective personalities is their stead fastness and courage in harsh situations. This habit is what makes them so great. In times when people focus on what happened and try to blame each other, these people think out of the box by looking for a solution to fix the problem, they don’t just panic. They do everything they can to help fix things.