Looking for a top notch university to study in Germany? Finding a good university that fits your needs and requirements can be quite a big deal. It takes a lot of time and research to finally makeup your mind. To make your research easy, below here are the top 10 best universities for studying in Germany.

Technical University of Munich:

Located in the city of Munich as mentioned. The Technical University of Munich is a research university not only Germany but in Europe as well and has a number of relevant rankings to prove their claim. It also happens to be a member of the TU9 which is an an incorporated society of the most notable yet the largest German institutes for technology. This Public University was built in 1886 by Ludwig II of Bavaria after which is kept touching heights and was considered as one of the very good universities in Germany. Now Technical University of Munich is ranked 4th overall in the Reuters 2017 European Most Innovative University ranking. The alumni of this university include 18 Leibniz Prize winners, 17 Nobel laureates and 22 IEEE Fellow Members.

The motto converted in English language gives the meaning of “The entrepreneurial university.”

The university plays a very vital role in bringing up the technology education in Germany. Thousands of students graduated are at very high positions worldwide. Besides that the university also enjoys a rich history with beautiful architecture thus making it one of the beautiful top 10 universities in Germany . TUM’s academic faculties are divided amongst its three major campuses located in Munich. The university provides a huge variety of courses and had about 39,081 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, of which about 8,600 were foreign students in 2015.

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich:

Located in the city Munich, the Ludwig Maximilian University is a top notch research university of Germany. The foundation of this university dates back to the fifteenth century, it was founded in the year 1472 and it then went by the name as University of Ingolstadt until 1802. In the year 1802, this university was officially named as Ludwig Maximilians Universität by King Maximilian I of Bavaria in both his and the original founder of the University.

From the 19th century, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich has been considered as one of Germany’s as well as the Europe’s most prestigious universities which is the reason why it is one of the top 10 universities in Germany.

This university has 42 Nobel laureates as per 2017 which are associated with the university. This university ranks as the 16th  best University worldwide by its number of Nobel laureates.

This university currently serves as one of the largest universities in Germany when it comes to the student population. The campuses of this university are spread throughout Munich. Some of its branches are also located in the suburbs of Oberschleissheim and Garching and also in Maisach and Bad Tölz. The university has internationally known master and bachelor system with a huge variety of subjects to select from.

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Humboldt University of Berlin:

Originally founded in the year 1809, The Humboldt University of Berlin is one of the most prestigious and among the top 10 universities of Germany. It is situated in the central borough of Mitte in Berlin, Germany.

It was founded by Frederick William III upon the initiative of Wilhelm von Humboldt by the name of “University of Berlin” in 1809, and later had its opening in 1810, thus making it one of the oldest of Berlin’s four universities. From the year 1828 until it was closed in the year of 1945, this university was named Friedrich Wilhelm University. Years later in the Eastern Bloc rule, this university was reopened and was this time renamed as the “Humboldt University of Berlin.”

The university has a student enrollment of about 32,000 students. It offers degree programmes in about 189 disciplines that range from undergraduate to post doctorate level.

This  university has been widely called “the mother of all modern universities.


The Humboldt  university is also known worldwide for being the pioneer to the “Humboldtian model of higher education”, this model of higher education has a strong influence over other European and Western universities. In addition to that, the Humboldt University of Berlin has been associated with 55 Nobel Prize winners, it is also considered to be one of the very best and excellent universities in Europe. It is also one of the most prestigious universities in the world for both arts and humanities.

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RWTH Aachen University:

The RWTH Aachen University is located in Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The university has a motto which is “thinking for the future” with its excellence for the future concept, this university is selected as one of the very best universities in Germany and Europe as well. The RWTH Aachen University is one of the founding members of the idea league as well as the TU9 league.

The university was established on 10 of October in the year of 1870.

The National rankings of Germany identify RWTH Aachen University as one of the best universities in Germany in the fields of engineering as well as amongst the top three in computer science, physics, chemistry, and medicine.

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Heidelberg University:

This university was originally founded in 1386, it is the oldest university in Germany. The Heidelberg University particularly excels because of its innovative research as well as its  intellectual contributions across a wide range of subjects. Thirty three Nobel laureates have been associated with Heidelberg University, nine of which won the title while they tenured there.

This university offers both the undergraduate and the postgraduate degrees in over 100 subjects. 20% of the students studying in this university are international and represent more than 130 countries. The academics at this university have been responsible for founding sub disciplines that include psychiatric genetics,environmental physics and modern sociology.

A handful of the influential politicians, philosophers and scientists are alumni or the affiliates of this  university, the list includes Max Weber who happens to be the founder of modern sociology as well as the philosopher Hannah Arendt. Heidelberg shares deep roots in history, it was founded in 1386 which makes it Six Hundred and Thirty Two years old. The university went through quite a lot of developmental stages to be at the point where it is today. This university is also known as the home of German romanticism. The Old Town and The Castle are some of the most visited places by the tourists in Germany.

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Free University of Berlin:

This university is a top notch research university in Berlin, Germany and stands out as one of the many universities in the country of Germany. The amount of research that this university has rendered in the fields of humanities and social sciences is numerous and very authentic which is why it not only is one of the very fine universities to study humanities and social sciences in Germany but is also one of the top 10 universities of Germany.

Free University of Berlin was established by the students and the scholars on the 4 of December in 1948. The foundation of this university is strongly connected to the beginning of the Cold War period. It was made so the students could carry out their education without any interference of the politics.

The university is set in the suburbs of Dahlem in the southwest part of Berlin, the university is a home to over 32,000 students and it also offers more than 150 degree programs. The university has over 17 collaborative research centers as well as an academic staff of almost 5,000 members. It also has several different partnerships with many universities the world. The admissions at Free University of Berlin remain highly competitive throughout the year, for this reason the university has limited amount of seats. The Free University of Berlin only offers about 4,300 places each year.

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Technical University of Berlin:

The Technical University of Berlin also known as the TU Berlin, is a research university which is situated in the capital city of Germany,Berlin, and has its roots dating back to 1879 when it was founded. This university is a part of TU9 and is highly concentrated and rich in both the history and research.

The university is made with about 7 colleges that include courses like Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Process Sciences and Engineering, Electrical engineering and Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems.

Being a technological university, the facilities on campus are integral to success. The students, the scholars as well as the guests have an unlimited access to the science library of this university which holds approximately three million books and journals. It also holds well as 1,300 workstations, 300 computer workstations, a few meeting rooms, and some multimedia workstations.

The university is a perfect choice for engineering and is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. It has a motto of “ideas for the future” and that literally is the case. The alumni of university and the professor list include The United States National Academies members, two National Medal of Science laureates as well as ten Nobel Prize winners.

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Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg:

One of the well researched and far most known universities in Germany is the Albert Ludwigs University. This public research university is situated in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden Württemberg, Germany.

This university was established in the year of 1457 by the Habsburg dynasty as the second university in the territory of Austrian-Habsburg, after the University of Vienna. The Freiburg today is the fifth oldest university in Germany, and shares a a long tradition of teaching the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences both abroad and in Germany. It is widely known as one of the elite universities of Berlin.

This university is also made with 11 faculties and it also attracts students from all across Germany as well as from all over 120 other countries. The Foreign students consists of of almost 16% of the total student numbers. The university is spread across 3 campuses all of which are beautifully built and engineered.

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University of Bonn:

Situated in Bonn, Germany is one of the most well researched and internationally known universities located in the country  of Germany. The University was originally named as The Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn after the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm, it was was founded in the year 1818 and has since then gone through many changes to achieve the level that it has today, it recently celebrated its 200th birthday.

Today, the University of Bonn is among the leading research universities in the eyes of the world. It is a home to more than 35,000 students and 4,500 academic staff. The university is also in strategic partnerships with over 70 universities across the globe.

The total number of international students is of 4,000 which shows how much the university is valued worldwide. This figure in percent is about 12.5% which is higher than the national average. This university  also confers around 800 PhDs per year.

The university has its subject strengths in Biosciences,Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy and Economics. The university offers over 90 degree programs and is located in 371 buildings spread out in the city of Bonn.

The university also has 2 Nobel Prize winners named Wolfgang Paul in 1989 for Physics, and Reinhard Selten in 1994 for Economics. Associations with eight Leibniz Prize winners is another one of its remarkable successes in the world. The university of Bonn also has the most notable alumni which include Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the famous composer named Robert Schumann.

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University of Tübingen:

Officially known as the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, this public health university is known is known as one of the finest, oldest and famous universities of Germany. It is located in the city of Tübingen, Baden Württemberg.

It is best known as a centre for the study of medicine, law, and theology and religion. The University of Tübingen does not comprise of a campus university, but is spread throughout the town. Tübingen University  is one of the 78 best universities of world. It is also one of the 48 world best universities in the subjects of Arts and Humanities.Tübingen University is also regularly ranked amongst the top ten universities in Germany.

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