Dream Comes True


All of us dream, whether it’s about something big or generally a small thing but we dream. Sometimes we dream and then work accordingly to make them come true in life but other times we become lazy and just let our dreams be an imaginary escape for us for time being, something we truly cannot have but we make ourselves happy just by thinking of it. This is when your dream turns into a daydream.


If you have a vision about something particular to do, never let it go just by imagining it. Work for it, work hard for it, you will surely achieve it. Give life to your dreams, make them come true by working hard for them. Be it be a dream job, or a dream house, dream car, or a mission to do something, to bring it to reality you have to pull your best for it.


Your dreams start with you, the dreamer. Then end being dreams and turn into reality when you wake up and work for them. Believe in your dreams and yourself and make them come true.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.


To be human is to dream, to make it happen is to fight for it.  Let us highlight the dream and struggle Abdul Sattar Edhi went through.


Abdul Sattar Edhi

was a Pakistani humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation, which still runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network, along with many homeless shelters, animal shelter, rehab centres, and orphanages across Pakistan.


Since childhood Abdul Sattar Edhi had a dream to do something for the needy people’s welfare. When he was only eleven years old, his mother had a stroke due to which she was paralysed and became mentally ill. Edhi was gravely affected by the condition of his mother, he devoted in taking care if her no matter what way. He would feed, clothe, bathe her daily but her health was slowly and gradually deteriorating. He was so focused on taking the best care of his mother that he dropped out of school and completely gave all his time to her but later his beloved mother passed away after seven years when Edhi had turned nineteen. This had a grave impact on him which made him to think to do something for other mentally ill and challenged or old people of Pakistan. This was the first brick laid in Edhi Foundation. He had helped and cared a lot for his mother during her illness, anything that was possible for him, he did it. Taking care of his mother personally experienced him to develop a system of services for abandoned old and mentally ill and disabled people.


Seeing his mother pass away was one if the hardest thing he had come across at this young age. He took that hurt and utilized it in something productive by investing in his dream, to help others.


After the partition,

his family settled in Karachi where he initially started to work in a wholesale market to earn to lay the foundation of his first step in the journey of welfare. After some years, when he knew he had enough, he asked around for donations within his community and established a free dispensary.


He said when he was young his mother would give him one paisa for daily meals and another paisa to give to a poor child for meals. He as a child was motivated to help others, so he pursued his dream and wanted to bring it to life on a larger platform to help public at large without discrimination.


He had a vision

for improving the welfare system in Pakistan, so he worked hard, took donations from person to person and place to place, establishing and improving the healthcare sector in Pakistan. This enabled him to establish a personal welfare trust for the affected people called “Edhi Trust”. This could nit have been possible by the help of public funds that he collected from house to house. Edhi’s trust was able to collect Rs.200,000 then. Furthermore, he continued his mission and expanded the trust to other medical fields and through diligence and persistence, he established a maternity home and an emergency ambulance service which is widely used today despite being a private service.


Edhi was personally involved in every aspect of his foundation, from funding to management. His foundation raised money for most noble causes. Today, Edhi foundation had allotted a quota for each humanitarian cause in the society, whether it was burying abandoned corpses or aiding in disaster relief or giving first aids to the terrorism affected people.

Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on 8th July, 2018. But his establishment is spread wide and far even extended to UK. The roots of welfare system had been deeply embedded by Edhi in Pakistan, that even after his death his dream, his vision is being carried on.


He dreamt of helping others in need so he put his sweat and blood to assist all those in need while he did not profit himself from it at all. He dreamt of living for others and he did, which makes him still live in all of our hearts.


Edhi dreamt big of improving the healthcare system of Pakistan, he started off by nothing in hand but he had a vision and a motivation which drove him to establish the world’s best welfare service helping old people to widows and orphans, from aiding the injured to burial of abandoned bodies. He wasn’t financially benefited from this at all but his morals and good deeds and his satisfaction to see his dream come true was fulfilled and it was all possible because he believed in himself. So dream big and just don’t dream, work a worthwhile to make them come true even if you have nothing. If you are motivated to do what you dream of, then let in all the positivity you can find around you to build you up and give you strength to achieve your dreams in real.