Introduction to Diya Scholarship in Pakistan

Diya Scholarship in Pakistan awarded to 60,000+ students every year.

Diya is a lamp (in Urdu), a symbol of light and thereby Hope.

In Pakistan, a large portion of the population does not have access to proper education. Diya Pakistan is a professionally managed charitable organization that is committed to eradicating poverty by promoting literacy.

Since 1988, Diya has reached out to talented, financially distressed students with more than 400,000 merit scholarships value over Rs 860 million (US$ 7.8 million), enabling them to continue their education. The impact is eye-opening.

Brief Profile of Diya Pakistan

  • Its vision is to defeat poverty by building an Educated Pakistan
  • Its mission is to work towards employable education
  • Professionally led by a team of prominent Pakistanis based in the Middle East and Pakistan, and supported by individual and corporate donors from the Middle East, Pakistan, Europe, Canada, and the USA
  • Awarded more than 400,000 merit scholarships to financially deserving students since 1988
  • Established 200 community home schools for out of school children enrolling more than 8,000 street kids
  • Disbursed more than US$ 7.8 million in merit scholarships
  • Linked with more than 2000+ schools, colleges, universities, and technical and vocational institutes across Pakistan.
  • Committed to transparency and accountability at all levels;
  • All operational expenses are borne by Trustees; Donations are used only towards providing free education

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Overall Process Details for Diya Scholarship in Pakistan

  • Instructions for new applicants
  • Scholarship Application Form (for new students applying for the first time)
  • Upload Scan Documents for New Scholarship
  • The process to apply for Scholarship Renewal (previously paid students/beneficiary)
  • Upload Scan Documents for Renewal Case Scholarship
  • Check Status of your Case
  • The process to apply for Qarz-e-Hasna by Ihsan Trust

Instructions for New Applicants to Apply for Diya Scholarship in Pakistan

Read the following updated information before applying for Diya Scholarship:

Online Web Application System is only used for students who are enrolled in Graduation Level OR Master Level Programs.

Ph.D. and M.Phil students are also not eligible for Diya Scholarship however, direct M.Phil after Graduation are eligible. M.Phil after M.A/M.Sc/MS are not eligible.

Applications will not be accepted by students of the School-level and Intermediate level through this Web base system.

Talented and deserving students at Intermediate Level or School level will apply through their Schools/Institutes. Diya Pakistan is currently giving scholarships in Govt. institutes only. The Institute will contact our office for a detailed procedure.

Students getting scholarships more than Rs. 25000 per anum from other organizations are not eligible for Diya Scholarship.

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Students must secure at least 60% marks at all levels.

Students applying for the first time, fill out the Online Scholarship Application, and Upload scan documents (mentioned below).

It may take 30 to 45 days to review your application with scans and you can check the status of your application, the weekly basis on web site.

Status of your application will be updated on the web as Clarify, Incomplete, Complete, Not Accepted, Approved.

After approval cheque will be despatched at your Institute within 10 to 30 days. After verification, it will be handed over to you OR adjusted in your fee by Institute. You can encash the cheque at any Meezan Bank Branch by showing your original NIC Card and providing NIC Copy to the bank.

The scholarship is paid a fiscal year basis from 1st July xx to 30 June xx. Students may apply for renewal next year if the course continues.

Students can NEVER APPLY again in any case, if his/her case was “Not Accepted” previously or who provided fake/modified/cut paste documents/information. If you have a problem regarding submitting any required document, please explain it.

List of scanned documents required from New Applicants (First time applying):

To apply for Diya Scholarship, the following documents are required.

Please explain if any of the documents mentioned below, you can’t provide.

SCANS of below mentioned:

  • Head of Institute Attestation Form (HOI) (download it from DOWNLOAD Page of our website)
  • Self CNIC
  • Father CNIC
  • Mother CNIC 
  • Guardian’s CNIC (if other than applicant’s parents)
  • Matric Certificate 
  • Family Registration Certificate from NADRA 
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree (If Applicant is in Master Level Program)
  • Hifz Certificate (if exists, 5% marks will be given additional)
  • Disability Certificate (If any)
  • All University Semester / Yearly results certificates where the result is declared.
  • Fee Receipts or Bank Challan for the current year.
  • Salary Slip (If the guardian is a salaried person)
  • Pension document, showing name page and pension amount page. (If the guardian is pensioner)
  • Enrollment Certificate of all brothers and sisters who are studying. (Only for those whose father/guardian is a non-salaried person) (download it from DOWNLOAD Page of our website)
  • Electricity Bill
  • College Card if available.

If you studied in Private College at Intermediate Level then provide Fee receipt or Payment Certificate from College about your dues. 

Scan files must be readable clearly. 

Scans must be taken in color format from original documents otherwise specify the reasons. You can also apply for OGDCL Need Based Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Scholarship Application Form (for new students applying for the first time)

New students applying for Diya Scholarship in Pakistan, carefully fill the online form.

Note: Your application will not be accepted for incorrect data. Put CNIC numbers with dashes. Mother, Father, and Guardian (if father or mother is dead) CNIC is compulsory. Old CNIC is not acceptable to leave it blank.

Upload Scan Documents for Diya Scholarship (New Applicants)

Note: Each scanned document must be below 1MB size and in image format. Please select carefully your required documents, see instruction page for help. Students who were paid in the previous year, only submit New (Head of Institute Attestation form (HOI form), Current Result Transcript and Current Fee Receipt

The process to Apply for the Renewal of Diya Scholarship (previously paid students)

Students who were paid previously, need NOT fill the online application form again, as we have their data. They only need to UPLOAD below mentioned scanned documents.

To apply for the renewal of scholarship, students must be enrolled in the Institute. The student is not eligible if the course is completed or not enrolled in the Institute.

Students applying must pass all subjects of the semester / annual exams of University. Otherwise not eligible until passing all subjects.

Steps wise process for Renewal Students:

  1. Download the New Head of Institute Attestation Form from Download Page and fill it and signed and stamp from the institute and make a scan.
  2. Latest university Semester/ Annual Result Transcript.
  3. Last Fee Receipt / Bank Challan.

After Uploading your documents, check the status of your case weekly on our website.

If the status of your case is APPROVED the cheque will be despatched to your Institute within 10 to 30 days. You can contact the Institute

The process to apply for Qarz-e-Hasna by Ihsan Trust

Ihsan Trust is another organization that started Qarz-e-Hasna Scholarship Program (interest-free) for Students.

Students have to pay back the amount in nominal monthly installments.

Diya Pakistan is collecting applications on behalf of Ihsan Trust and sending its recommendations to Ihsan Trust. To apply for qarz-e-hasna download, print, and fill the below-mentioned Application Form and send by post along with required documents to Diya Pakistan’s Address (given below). Students can check the status of their case on this Diya Pakistan website weekly.

Applications are then forwarded to Ihsan Trust for processing. Ihsan Trust will contact applicants directly to arrange interviews and grant Qarz-e-Hasna.

The amount of Qarz-e-Hasna depends upon course types and course expenditure. If your application is complete in all respects, it will be forwarded within 30 days to Ihsan Trust, otherwise, you can check the status of your application and remove deficiencies as soon as possible.

Send you Application with required documents to the following address:


Diya Pakistan Registered , 1304/474, Hasan Street, Defence Road, New Lalazar, Rawalpindi 46000, Pakistan