Determination is the key to success!

You must have come across this quote many times but how many times have you actually pondered over this quote or actually applied it in your life.


There always comes a time where you feel like you are not doing enough, where you feel like you didn’t achieve what you want to, or that you are not successful at all. These feelings are natural and they come and go often. What matters is your determination, if you are determined about something you will go through the odds without breaking your bone to get what you want.


To be determined is one thing, but to stay determined is another. Many times, people have solid determination about doing some particular thing but as soon as the road gets bumpy, they jump off the vehicle. To stay determined through thick and thin is indeed a hard thing to do but if you believe in yourself and your determination about something, you will reach your destination.


Let us highlight a historic event that encouraged the coming generations’ determination.


Back in 1883,

an engineer named John Roebling came up with an idea of building a bridge that will connect New York with Long Island. Engineers and architects from all over the world made fun of his idea calling him crazy to do the impossible. They tried to discourage him.


But deep inside in Roebling’s heart, he knew it can be done, he just needed someone to understand his idea and think over it. After much persuasion, Roebling convinced his son, Washington, who was a newly graduated engineer. He pondered over the idea and joined his father in his mission.


Both father and son were now having a burning desire to make their dream come true. The father, Roebling, discussed all his plans and concepts etc to his son as to how he thinks it can be done. This broaden the vision of Washington and he took full interest in it like his father.


Few months after the construction began,

a tragic incident happened at the construction site. John Roebling died in the incident while his son, Washington, was badly injured with severe brain damage that caused him never talking or walking.


Many engineers passed their negative comments saying they were crazy to chase a crazy dream, we told them not to. They suggested to discard the project since the mastermind died and the one who he passed the dream and knowledge of the project onto is handicapped, he can’t talk nor walk.


But Washington’s eyes dreamt of the same vision his father used to, so he was similarly determined despite the fact he was handicapped.


One day,

he slightly moved his finger. He could not walk or talk, but could only use that finger. He was motivated to make the most of the finger. So, he started to practice communicating by using this finger. He would tap and trace his finger on his wife’s arm to communicate.


When his wife got used to it, he asked her to call the engineers over to explain them the project and give them instructions, thus the project continued. For further thirteen years, Washington would tap his finger on his wife’s arm to convey the instructions of the project to the engineers. In this way, the construction carried on and the bridge continued in making.


The communication method was difficult but Washington was determined to make his father’s vision come true, so he carried on his mission with the help of his wife’s assistance till the bridge was completed.


The Roebling’s hard work and determination paid off

The famous Brooklyn Bridge of New York stands in all its glory because of this man and his dedication.


The bridge pays tribute to the John Roebling because it was his vision, but after his unfortunate demise, his son, Washington took charge and made the dream come true by using only one finger. Nonetheless, Washington’s wife who played a major role in supporting her husband in difficult time and the group of engineers who came to listen to his instructions and carry out the project again.


This bridge is an example of determination and staying determined through hardships. When the whole world joked about John Roebling’s idea calling it crazy and foolish, he wasn’t discouraged. In Fact, it motivated his determination about his vision and to pursue it no matter what. While his son, Washington showed the most inspiring example of staying determined. He in his miserable condition, handicapped for life, no walking, no talking but still determined to chase his father’s dream. He made the now standing spectacular Brooklyn Bridge possible by his movements of one finger only.


This shows

that what seems impossible to everyone can be achieved if you are determined and stay determined no matter what the odds are. Your determination will make great things happen but if you lose track in staying determined, you will find yourself in misery and hopelessness and as a complaining person.


But if you are persistence about your goal, you will make the impossible happen to possible whether it takes less or more time. Just like in this historic story, determination of one man passed to another made the bridge come true.


This bridge has inspired more similar made suspension bridges. One of New York’s famous recognition is the Brooklyn Bridge. Little do people know it was made by someone’s determination despite being made fun of and losing every movement of the body except his one finger. This was all because of solid determination.


Concluding it with a quote by Colin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become into reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.


So dream, dream big but to make them possible to happen, you have to be determined to chase them and figure out to make them happen. Don’t lose determination because of some negativity, follow your gut and be determined, you’ll surely succeed in your mission to make your dreams come true.