University of Nicosia(Main Campus):


Located in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus, the university of Nicosia is a research university that came into being in the 1989. It is one of the top 10 universities of Cyprus. The first batch of students were admitted in 1992 with a total number of about 486 students, the university now has a total number of 7000 students. The university’s teaching is mainly in Greek as well as in  Turkish. The number of students speaking Turkish are registered in a small amount.

This university has 21 departments that are split between several faculties that include humanities, pure and applied sciences, social sciences and education, economics and management, engineering, letters, graduate studies and the medicine school. The university of Cyprus is slowly gaining a reputation for both quality and research in most of its fields. In 2010 Christopher Pissarides, a professor at the university, was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics. The university also has a number of international students coming by every year.

The university is built at a very beautiful location in the city thus letting the students have a peaceful environment among the mid of studies.

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European University Cyprus:


The European University of Cyprus was built in the year 1961 and is one of the most prestigious and top 10 universities of Cyprus.

This university came into existence out of the Cyprus College which is the oldest institution for higher education in the country of Cyprus, it was originally established in 1961. European University of Cyprus received the status of a university in 2007 under the directorship of Professor Dr. Andreas G Orphanides.

This university happens to have a student enrollment of more than 6,500 students, it provides internationally recognized undergraduate, graduate as well as  doctorate degrees.

Microsoft has also selected the European University Cyprus to become its partner institution to establish the only Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in the country of Cyprus and 1 of the 110 operating worldwide.

The university is gully equipped with modern facilities, it has  well-equipped laboratories, beautiful and spacious lecture halls, it also has student apartments as well as entertainment venues for the well being of students. The European University of Cyprus was also rated in the QS ratings.

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Cyprus University of Technology:


Basically located in the city of Limassol, in Limassol District of the country of Cyprus, this prestigious public research university came into being in 2004. The university took its first batch in 2007- 2008.

This university was made for the purpose of filling the remaining gaps in the education system of Cyprus that still existed. The main aim is to offer the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate levels which are not offered by any other higher education institutions.

The Cyprus University of technology provides six basic faculties from which students can choose and it includes the Faculty of Geo technical Sciences and Environmental Management, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Faculty of Management and Economics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, and one Language Centre. The students thus have a broad spectrum of choices to choose from and get their degrees in. The Cyprus University of Technology is slowly and gradually gaining fame and a position across the country and is on its way to becoming the best university in Cyprus. Most of the students get their jobs right after completing their degrees from this institution because of the competent level of academic staff it has. The main focus of this university is to up bring genius minds for the greater future.

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University of Nicosia:


With its main campus situated in the city of Nicosia, the university of Nicosia happens to be one of the largest universities of Cyprus. With the motto of “think big” this university aims to deliver its students a broader spectrum of knowledge to enlighten their brains so that they can become a part of the better tomorrow. The university of Nicosia is a private sector university,not only is it private but it is the largest private university in Cyprus. It was originally established in the year 1980. It has over 12,000+ students enrolled that come from about 70+ countries and study the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs of this prestigious university, which are delivered by its 6 schools.

The university has its main campus located in the main city of Nicosia which also happens to be the capital of Cyprus, this campus is made up of 18 buildings and over €55 million has been invested into the campus infrastructure which makes it a sight worth seeing. The University of Nicosia also runs its study centres in Athens, Bucharest as well as in New York City. It is also affiliated with The University of Indianapolis, The University of Greenwich and The University of Middlesex.

The University of Nicosia is composed of 6 schools which are the School of Business, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Law, the School of Sciences and Engineering and the Medical School. The university also offers some distance learning programs both at Bachelors and Masters level. It is the only University in Cyprus which happens to have a system of three campuses in the major cities of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

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Frederick University:


This university is a private sector university which is located in the country of Cyprus. The Frederick University was previously named as Nicosia Technical & Economics School which was established in 1965, afterwards it was renamed and established as a university in 2007. The university shares a very deep history when it comes to the higher education. The Frederick University offers its teaching and research in the fields of science and technology as well as in letters and arts. It is located in two major countries of Cyprus Nicosia and Limassol. The University thus operates under two campuses, the main campus which is located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and the other campus in Limassol, which happens to be the second largest city of Cyprus.

The Frederick University  comes in the top 100 management and technical universities of Europe. It is known for its energetic and vibrant spirit in education. This university offers a wide range of academic programs for studying in the areas of Science, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Arts, Media, Health, Humanities, as well as in Education. It offers its programs in both English and Greek.

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Cyprus International University:


As the name indicates, the Cyprus International University is a private sector and an English Language university that is located in the country of Cyprus, its capital Nicosia. This university was established in the year 1997 for studies in the language of English but gained fame because of its excellence in the field of education. The university runs under one campus which is situated in the North Nicosia, the University is located at a distance of 5 km from the city’s  centre. It offers a wide range of courses that students can enroll in. It gives a truly international experience because of its abundance in academic and administrative staff which comes from all over the world. An emphasis on the quality and interactive learning in an atmosphere which is convivial to study is encouraged at the International University of Cyprus.

The International University of Cyprus has multiple international links as well as  partnerships, both in the fields of education as well as in industry. As a result of these partnerships, the students are very well positioned when it comes to the search of a job after graduation. The university is well equipped to serve the needs and requirements of all its students.

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Cyprus International Institute of Management:


The Cyprus international school of management is a private business school which is located in the cities of Nicosia and Limassol. It came into being in the 1990s by a very competent and famous group of people for the better future of the country. It is one of the top 10 universities in Cyprus. This institute offers courses and programs that lead to the officially recognized higher education degrees like the master degrees in several areas of study. It has a motto of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” that serves the university and its excellence very well.

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Near East University:


Located in the North of Cyprus, this private university came into being in 1988 by Suat Günsel who was a Turkish Cypriot and is the 100% owner of NEU. It has over 25,000 students and is the largest university in Northern Cyprus.

The university started its higher education studies with only two faculties and gradually over a period of time established a number of 14 more faculties, four of which are graduate schools, and 15 are research centres. The university thus has a total of 16 faculties with 90 departments, namely, The Atatürk Faculty of Education, The Faculty of Architecture, The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Communication, The Faculty of Dentistry, The Faculty of Divinity, The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, The Faculty of Health Sciences, There is a Faculty of Law
as well. Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Performing Arts,Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is also added to the list.

The University also comprises of a very good hospital which has treated a number of famous people, it is opened in conjunction to the Medical School of the university, which was inaugurated in 2008.

The University also has a grand library that comprises of over 1 million printed materials and more than 150 million electronic resources. More than 7000 people visit and use this library everyday.

The Near East University also has a supercomputer which ranks as number 13th in the world and 1st in the region.

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Neapolis University Paphos:


The Neapolis University Paphos, also known as NUP is a private sector university which is situated in the city of Paphos, Cyprus, it was recently established in 2007 but due to its excellence in education it quickly made its position in one of the top 10 universities in Cyprus.

The university offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in Economic and Business Studies, Law, Architecture & Land and Environmental Sciences,Theology, Health Sciences and Greek Civilization.

The medium of communication is English or Greek. The degrees are offered in these languages as well. It ensures the high standard of education for its students thus enabling them to enjoy an environment favourable to study. Well experienced teachers from all over the world are teaching in this university which aids further strength to why it is rapidly becoming one of the top notch universities in Cyprus.

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Eastern Mediterranean University:


With the motto “Virtue, Knowledge, Advancement” the East Mediterranean University is one of the top 10 Universities of Cyprus, it came into being in 1979 and is a government University. The university was originally made by Onay Fadıl Demirciler, who was the then Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education. He formed it as a higher education institution of technology for the Turkish Cypriots of that time. In the year of 1986, it was converted to a state university. The university is situated in the city of Famagusta, Cyprus.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as a research infrastructure. It has about 141 programs with 11 Faculties and 5 Schools.

Both Turkish and English are the medium of instructions in this prestigious and top notch University. There is an English Preparatory School available for those students who need to improve their English as well.

The Easy Mediterranean university library is one of the largest libraries on the island, its collection has reached more than 120,000 books, and it also offers free access to hundreds of information databases to its users. Overall this university is a perfect choice for students who wish to study in Cyprus. It has a deep history with amazing buildings and up to date things. The language won’t be a problem as well.

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