Scholarship Description:

Bocconi University is committed to acquiring a superior level of higher education available to outstanding students. The Scholarship will provide recipients with valuable financial support, assuring students can enjoy the benefits of a top-quality academic experience regardless of their financial situation.


Bocconi International scholarship and Merit Awards will be made available for the first year Undergraduate applicants and first-year Graduate applicants for the 2019-2020 academic year based on their academic standing.

Host Institution:

Bocconi University in Milan, Italy

Level/Field(s) of study:

Bachelor Program or Master of Science Programs offered at the University

Number of Scholarships:

Not specified

Target Groups:

International students

International students seeking admission during the Early, Winter or Spring Sessions will be taken into consideration for merit-based financial aid.


Scholarship value/inclusion/coverage/duration:

The Boconni International scholarship includes a full tuition waiver, worth up to almost €12,000 per year (for Undergraduate) and €13,000 per year (for Graduate). A limited number of students may also be allotted free accommodation in one of the Bocconi Residences.

The Bocconi International Scholarship consists of a 50% tuition reduction for both Undergraduate and Graduate level.

The scholarships will be automatically renewed for a maximum of 2 years (for Undergraduate) or the second year (Graduate) granted the required minimum academic progress are met.



Outstanding International Appellants, who are admitted to the first year of a Bachelor Program or Master of Science program at Bocconi and whose academic profile, is considered to be amongst the leading applicants will be considered for a Bocconi Merit and International Awards based on the admission’s application submitted to Bocconi University.

Application instructions:

To be considered for the scholarship, you must apply to an Undergraduate or Graduate Program at Bocconi University. A separate scholarship application will not be required. The evaluation will primarily be based on the candidate’s academic achievement. In addition to academic achievement, the complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated. The upcoming deadline for admissions is 5 June 2019 for Undergraduate applicants and 6 May/30 May 2019 for Graduate applicants but applicants are advised to apply as early as possible.

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